Frequently Ask Questions

Basic Version

1. How I use HealthCap apps if I do not have any app stores in my mobile phone?

 You can download the APK file at the main page of HealthCap website even if you do not have any App Store or Google Play Store in your mobile phone or tablets.

3. What can I do if I do not recieve the verification code?

 You can press 'resend' to receive a new set of verification code if you do not receive the verification code within 30 seconds.  Delivery speed and availability may vary by location and service provider. Make sure you have adequate internet connection when you try to get your codes.  If you requested multiple verification codes, only the newest one works.  If you still cannot receive after several times, please send us email at [email protected].

4. Can I use HealthCap apps outside Hong Kong?

 Yes.  If you are an iOS user, you can directly download HealthCap apps in the App Store.  If you are an Android user, you would need to download the APK file at the main page of HealthCap website. ​​​​​​​

2. What is verification code?

 A new register will receive a text message with a verification code sent to the mobile number as a verification during the registration process.

Premium Version

1.How can I upgrade to HealthCap Premium Version?

 After registration of HealthCap Basic Version, you could click 'Buy Now' button at the page of HealthCap Premium Version, and follow the payment procedures accordingly. (Each Premium account is HKD120). Your account will then be upgraded within 1-3 working days.    For details about purchase procedures, please visit " How to Purchase" at the page of HealthCap Premium Version.

2. My payment is completed. Why my account is not yet upgraded?

 Your account might not be upgraded due to the following reason(s):  1. Non HealthCap Users (You have to download HealthCap first!)  2. The upgrade process will be taken within 1-3 working days  3. You have to logout and re-login HealthCap apps after the upgrade  4. The contact number is not matched with the number provided during payment process    Please send us email at [email protected] if you still cannot upgrade the account.

3. How can I link with my family members' account after the upgrade?

 Please refer to the video clip "How to Synchronize Health Data of Family Members" in HealthCap Tutorial.

For further inquiries, please email to [email protected]