How to Purchase

Click Buy Now

Fill in payment type and

delivery address

Receive a confirmation email from PayPal

Goods received in around

3-7 working days

( around $34 Cash on Delivery )

Purchase Flow

Here are the steps illustrating the payment by credit cards:

​① Click "Buy Now", and then  "Continue"

② Click "Pay with a Card"

      ( If you choose to pay via PayPal, log in to your PayPal account.)

paypal eng 2.png

③ Fill in your credit card information, then fill in the delivery address ( Home delivery or Self-pick up )

③ Self-pick up ( SF Store/ SF Service Partner / EF Locker)  

Fill in  (1) the code ( SF Store / SF Partner / EF Locker) and 

(2) the corresponding address

④ Click "Pay Now". You will receive a payment confirmation email after the payment completed. 

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