Clinic/Center Plan -

Community Health Management Platform

Plan Features

​① HealthCap center  version

One-to-many platform

② HealthCap premium version

Users' self-monitoring at home

Health data (e.g. blood sugar, blood pressure) of multiple members can be recorded with just one smart device at the center.

HealthCap premium version enables home-monitoring among center members. Data will be synchronized to center version and HealthCap portal instantly for all-rounded care.

③ HealthCap Portal 

Cloud-based management

④ Health talk/workshop

Led by the CUHK team

Data collected in HealthCap can be viewed in HealthCap Portal in one go. Printing of analysis reports is also supported for healthcare workers to explain the health condition to users conveniently.

Regular health talks/ workshops delivering health information by healthcare professionals.

Benefits to users

No need to purchase expensive cloud-based health monitoring devices

( e.g. Bluetooth blood pressure monitor or blood glucose meter)

No more hand-written records

Synchronization of center and home records

Aid health management by sharing health record with trusted family members, center staff and healthcare professional

​Benefits to organizations (e.g. NGOs, clinics)

Support health management at home & provide all-rounded care for users

Automatically record and save health data to enhance efficiency 

​Professional teams to lead health talks and workshops

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